Pastor Audrey Washington, Owner and LMT


Pastor Audrey, became interested in massage 15 years ago because she had a passion for helping people decrease their stress and anxiety.  She became concerned with those who are at the nursing home or hospice and those who are fighting cancer. Audrey works with special populations paraplegic and quadraplegic, stroke and right side paralyzed as well as the athlete or weekend warrior. Audrey has additional certifications in  Table Thai massage, Reiki 1 and 2, Medical Massage, Thai and hands free modalities, Prenatal, Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Hip and Joint pain, Tennis Elbow, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage for the Table and Fibromyalgia, and Reflexology. 
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 Shela Yu  


Shela Yu, is a licensed massage therapist with a passion for creating awareness between body, mind, and soul for the purpose of healing and  wellbeing.  Through massage, personal awareness is gained by tuning into the whole body to detect areas of discomfort due to over use, stress, or fatigue. By opening and re‐charging these areas, Shela brings her clients back to their natural rhythms so they may experience the seasons of life with more ease and peace.
Polarity : Myotherapy : Craniosacral : Reiki : Prenatal :  Lymphatic : Swedish : Deep Tissue : Ashiatsu


Renee Juarbe

Renee Jarbu, is a licensed massage therapist with the State of Arizona.  Renee has a passion for working deep tissue, Sports massage, as well as being able to adjust her pressure to work on Elderly clients as well as lymphatic massage sessions. Renee is most passionate about helping your body return to balance so you can do your daily activities. 

Therapeutic, Sports, Lymphatic, Swedish, Stretching, PNF, Pregnancy massage, elder sessions

Amber Hardin   


Amber is most passionate about working deep tissue and incorporating movement  therapy with her massage.  Amber will incorporate stretching with her session as well as triggerpoint massage.  Amber is able to adjust her pressure to fit all massage needs and can work with a client to custom tailor a session that fits your lifestyle. Amber has been helping clients heal and providing professional massages since 2014.  If she finds something that needs work she WILL work on it!

Therapeutic, Sports, Stretching, Reiki, Swedish, PNF, Hot Stone, Crainial Sacral, Reflexology, pregnancy massage,